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That’s why you should apply!

  • Mentors

    Work on your song for 2 days with professional help!

  • Bandcoaching

    Our band experts will work with you and your band!

  • Sound studio

    Your song will be mixed and mastered according to your wishes!

  • Concert

    In Summer 2019 the songs will be presented in a final concert!

  • Feedback

    Any incoming song will get feedback from our experts!

Send us an Email with your song 🙂

Who can participate:

  • Every singer-songwriter, musician, band and ensemble who is interested in making this matter his or her matter

What’s the plan?

  • The song

    Write a Song about Munich, about what you want to say to the city, what you love or what you hate.

  • The application

    Send us the songtext (no matter which language, as long as it describes the life here) and a recording (quality is not important, we will go to the studio!)

  • Length

    maximum of 5 Minutes

  • The why

    Tell us, why you wrote this song and what is your relation to Munich.

Time & Schedule

Application Phase: 04.October 2018 - 04. February 2019
Workshop phase: March & April 2019
Production phase: May 2019
Concert: July 2019