At stadtMUCke we are looking for the song for your city.

We want everyone living in Munich to feel at home.

For us, only music has the power to let Munich become a city of diversity, engagement, full of ideas and opportunities and even more hip and cool. Music is the language that unites, that is understood by everyone and above all: that makes it possible to communicate emotionally.

Now you know why we are looking for songs for Munich. We are looking for songs that describe what Munich really is, what the people love about this city, what fascinates them about it and also what they would like to change or what should stay the same.

Our aim is to give this city a much stronger musical identity. We want to foster the community in Munich and support the regional music scene.

Building a platform to give musicians an opportunity to produce and realize songs is one of the key aspects we want to achieve. We already created a concept – have a look!

Above all, we want to give you, dear Munich-lovers, a soundtrack to describe what you feel, what moves you and what you want to change in your city… and we want you to experience it live every year on a concert.

You think this idea is great and you want to support us financially or with ideas?

You want to know who and what is behind stadtMUCke? Then swing by here.